4 Simple Ways Of Making Air Travel More Enjoyable


We all enjoy a well deserved holiday from time to time and for very good reason as well. The majority of us work hard for our money, so why shouldn’t we take a well earned break and recharge our batteries, metaphorically speaking of course. As far as where we choose to enjoy our holidays, that’s often one of the more tricky decisions we’re forced to make. Some of us prefer staying in the countryside, some prefer city breaks, some prefer the coast, and some prefer hot sunshine which usually means hopping on an aeroplane and jetting off to sunnier climes. If you ask anybody what the toughest part of travelling abroad is, they’ll tell you that it’s almost certainly the flying. If you have a relatively short flight I.E a couple of hours, that itself can be pretty tough, but if you choose to fly to the other side of the world, long flights can be boring, and potentially harmful to your health as well. Long, even short flights, have the potential of ruining a holiday before it’s even started, and to ensure that doesn’t happen to you, here are 4 simple ways of making air travel more enjoyable.

Don’t leave packing until the last minute

One of the worst things you can do before a holiday is to leave your packing until the last minute. By doing this, you run the risk of forgetting important items, you can potentially cause your suitcase to become too heavy which can then lead to problems at the airport, and you’re stress yourself out and find yourself already in a bad mood before you even set foot on the plane. Instead, take the time to organize your suitcase neatly and efficiently so that you know you’ve got everything you need, and you know where all of your important documents are as well.

Read a book

Once you make it onto the plane, you’re probably in for a good few hours of sitting around and doing very little. To help pass the time and to help you relax and unwind a little, why not read a good book? If there is quite a lot of noise on the plane, you could even listen to an audio book using your tablet, smart phone, or various other electrical devices.

Try and win yourself some money

Ok, unless you’re very wealthy and are on a luxury private jet, your plane probably won’t have a casino on it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play some games and potentially win some money in the process. With various gambling websites such as netbet, world of casino games you can simply use your phone or tablet to play various games such as roulette and blackjack, and hopefully win a little extra spending money before you even arrive. Only use electrical items when allowed and gamble safely.

Stay well hydrated

The air in your air cabin won’t be humidified, which can leave your skin and lips feeling dry, and you feeling thirsty and dehydrated, which can lead to headaches and a lack of energy etc. By drinking plenty of cool water, you hydrate yourself and you will feel so much better you never thought it possible. Oh and by the way, coffee, tea, and alcohol don’t count because they’re all diuretics, which means they make you even more dehydrated than before.

The Best Destinations For A Self Drive Holiday



France is a fabulous destination, it is no wonder that it attracts millions of tourists each year to marvel at its scenic beauty, discover its rich past, witness its rich culture and explore its fascinating regions. Its attractions are numerous and varied and the best way to enjoy all that this wonderful country is through a self drive tour through its regions.

A self drive tour in a French mobile home is affordable and gives you an opportunity to explore the different regions at your own pace stopping over and spending a night in a motel or pitching a tent in the wild. Since France offers a variety of unique destinations it is advisable to choose the type of self drive you would like. You can choose different routes for any kind of holiday experience; you can choose a wine route and get to taste all the finest wines that France is known for, a scenic route for inspirational drives, a cheese route or a beach route along the Atlantic coastline.

France has fine roads that are well marked and when you choose to rest a little bit before hitting the road, there are numerous camping sites in France where you can pull over and relax for a few days and enjoy excellent facilities.


The UK is a land known for its rich heritage, impressive medieval castles, incredible natural landscapes and intriguing towns and villages. It is the perfect destination for the independent traveler who wishes to immerse himself in its rich culture and history. It is a country that boasts of well connected networks of roads and well marked routes therefore making it the ideal destination for a self drive tour of UK.

Unlike any other kind of holiday, a self drive tour of UK takes you from one interesting region to the next allowing you to see as much as you would prefer. You can explore the gorgeous cities, the towns, villages, and the countryside and even along the coastline at your own pace.

You can choose different routes depending on the types of attractions that you prefer to visit, you can make your starting point in the capital of England which is London, drive to the vibrant city of Liverpool and along the scenic route you can stop over many villages and towns admiring all the beauty at your own pace.

The beauty of self drive holidays in UK is the flexibility and the fact that you can pull over in its villages or towns for the night and keep on driving the next day.


Australia has a lot to offer that cannot be experienced in an ordinary hotel room, it is the perfect destination for a self drive tour. You can plan your own route, rent a campervan, explore at your own pace and travel as you please in the land down under. Australia has good network of well maintained roads and highways and for the more adventurous a few dusty tracks to take you into the outback. A self drive tour of Australia rewards you with intriguing flora and fauna, vast spaces, rich aborigine culture, fascinating cities and delectable cuisine.

Luxury Accommodation To Sample Around Europe

Jeda Villa Bali

Unique Greek Hotels

Greece is made up of a mainland and over 6000 islands spread across Aegean and the Ionian Seas. Over the years Greece has attracted numerous visitors to explore its beautiful islands, sunbathe on its spectacular beaches and marvel at its rich heritage.  With its natural beauty, rich history and delicious cuisine, Greece has been attracting crowds for centuries. With its magnetic influence, it has attracted an overwhelming number of luxury travelers to explore its numerous islands.

With the ever increasing demand for luxurious retreats in Greek, the number of boutique hotels and luxury Greek hotels has continued to grow. Ancient mansions and rustic village houses have been converted into luxury accommodations offering comfort away from home.

Whether you choose to spend some time on the mainland or the sprawling islands of Greece, whether you choose the popular islands or off the beaten track, you are going to enjoy Greek luxury at every turn.

Luxury Italian Villas

Italy is the best destination for the most memorable luxury villa holiday experience. It is a place where natural beauty blends with the artistic culture and the fine wines fine meals associated with Italy. Italy is a dream destination offering fabulous cities, ancient cities, rolling hills clad with verdant vineyards and picture perfect villages tucked away in its spectacular countryside.

Italian villa holidays take you fantastic locations of Italy: Tuscany is the fantastic destination for rural villa retreats. It is one of the most visited locales in Italy and it is easy to see why, it is the birthplace of Renaissance Art, the home to some of Italy’s most tasty wines and offers vast landscapes of rolling hills and verdant vineyards. You can enjoy luxury in this unique region of Italy whilst staying in rustic villas offering privacy and spectacular views of the rolling hills in a distance.

For villas that are less costly yet delivering high class standards, Umbria is the place to be, being the heart of Italy you are bound to experience the authentic Italian culture and beauty of rural Italy in luxury.

Luxury UK Holiday Homes

The UK is an undeniably fantastic destination; it is soaked up in history, rich heritage and intriguing culture. With its long history of wars, kingdoms and civilizations, the UK is never short of impressive attractions, there is an endless variety of spectacular attractions ranging from the famous Stone Henge, the majestic castle and the forts and fortresses built as a result of the need to be safe during the war seasons.

With its incredible history, the UK displays a variety of historical residences which have been converted into unique holiday accommodations but still retaining original charms and antiques. These luxury holiday homes in UK may include restored manor houses, castles, stately homes and palaces. Some of these extraordinary structures sprawled all across the UK have retained their original states with some of the ancient furniture and antiques that spending some time in the luxury abodes give you an unforgettable experience. You feel like you have stepped into a scene of ‘Antiques Road Show’ only that this time the value is in your domain.

3 Countries Not To Be Missed On A Tour Of Africa

Okavango Delta, Botswana


Botswana is well known for its stunning diverse landscapes and boasts of being the undisputed king of safaris. It is a country that appreciates what Mother Nature has granted to it and its reserves are well protected hence promising privileged wilderness adventure.

The Okavango delta is Botswana’s proud jewel, for its lack of a coastline, this largest inland delta in the world more than replaces a coastline. It is a magical, exotic and almost surreal wildlife paradise that is so picture perfect. It is home to thousands of birds and animals, hop into a mokoro boat and immerse into this marvelous wilderness.

The Makgadikgadi Pans give you an extraterrestrial experience, this vast eerie salt pan wilderness deep in the Kalahari make you feel like you are walking on the moon. During the rainy seasons the Makgadikgadi pans are filled with water and they attract huge herds of zebras, wildebeest, birds and many more while the dry seasons gives you an opportunity to go quad biking and meeting with the bushmen who call this wilderness home.

Visit www.signatureafricansafaris.com for more information.


Namibia is vast and wild traversed by the Namib Desert from which its name is derived. The extensive unforgiving Namibia deserts and rugged plains are breathtakingly beautiful. The days make the desert sands glow golden and the nights paint them silent and silver.

The Namib Naukluft National park is the mother of all parks in Africa. Its towering red sand dunes at Sossulvei along with the petrified forests and cracked limestone pans create some of Namibia’s most picturesque sceneries. It is one of the places never to miss on a trip to Namibia because the scenes are remarkable.

The mysterious Skeleton Coast is dotted with foreboding shipwrecks and wailing colonies of sea lions, its windswept shores give you an apocalyptic atmosphere. It is remote and desolate and can be explored by unforgettable flights across its dazzling sands. Just nearby this sand wilderness you will notice the Kaokoveld which is home to a fascinating nomadic community, the Himba.

Find out more with www.nativeescapes.com


Kenya is an African destination that should never missed whatsoever, it offers a game viewing that can only be experienced in Kenya, and snow capped mountains, vast grassy plains, salty and fresh water lakes and spectacular beaches.

The open plains of the Masai Mara dotted with thorny acacia trees and huge herds of animals’ offers the quintessential luxury safari holiday experience, its numerous excellent lodges it is the ideal destination to experience the jungle.

Other than the much hyped Maasai Mara, Kenya has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife, including the Meru National Park, the Amboseli, Samburu and the Great Riftvalley. It is also a popular spot for Kenyan weddings who are looking for a destination wedding with a difference.

The Kenyan coast offers a relaxing ground for beach seekers, with its icing sugar sands, lush palm gently dancing in the Indian Ocean breeze, fishing villages and intriguing Swahili culture. Whether you are seeking a hideaway in the mainland, a private ranch in Laikipia or an escape to the idyllic Kenyan islands, the options for the perfect holiday experience in Kenya are numerous.

Things To Do In Siena For The True Italian Experience

Siena offers something most of the other Italian tourist areas do not; a true Italian experience without the masses of the tourist crowds.

If you plan to visit Siena, here is a rough guide of places you should visit: 

Visit the Roman ruins: The origins of Siena date back to the first century AD, and the city is full of historic places to visit. You will find Roman evidence in most of the building’s structures around the Piazza del Campo. Take a look at the structures themselves, the materials used within the buildings, and even the odd inscription can be found if you look hard enough. Keep a watch for the red dappled bricks, as this will indicate a Roman construction technique.


Have you ever wondered what the small square shaped holes on older buildings were used for? Well, they were used as places to hold scaffolding during building construction. These square holes can be found on plenty of the medieval buildings in the area.

Check out the city’s Contrada: The Contrada is a form of clan, and the clans within the 17 districts of Siena had their very own symbol, flags, colours and church. Some had fierce rivalry, with plenty of blood being spilt during these darker, historical ages.

The Contrada can still be seen in each of the districts, and as you walk through Siena, try and find each of them: wolf, wave, unicorn, tower, tortoise, snail, shell, ram, porcupine, panther, owl, goose, giraffe, forest, eagle, dragon and caterpillar.

Some districts hold small carnivals or festivals that show their colours and flags proudly.

To take these districts in try looking for one of the Venere hotels in Siena.

Take a walk along the wall: Siena is surrounded by an ancient wall, which historically kept its citizens safe from approaching danger. You can follow this wall almost unbroken around the city. You will have to stray a little off path, down alleys and through gardens, but this makes the experience more interesting. The alleys and gardens are ancient themselves and will always hold a lot of character.

If you do plan to take this walk along the wall, it will take about three hours, but you will get to see the real city and avoid most of the tourists in the process.

Galleries and museums: There is plenty of art galleries, museums and open buildings for you to explore in Siena, that you will soon be wishing for a sit down. The important thing is that you plan your day effectively, so you get to take everything in.

There are varying themes amongst the galleries and museums, with some focused on religion and some on more modern exhibitions. They certainly tell the story of Siena and can captivate even the youngest minds.

Visit the medieval font: Many years ago this font was used for bathing by the local residents. It acted as a meeting point for people throughout Siena, and was always a hub of activity. Even the local residents claim that the water runs so clean you could drink from it

I hope you have an amazing time!

A Weekend Exploring the Beauty of Cairns, Australia

Cairns departure

Cairns is a beautiful city on the coast of Queensland, Australia. Full of beaches, wildlife and plenty of attractions, there is so much to see that it would be hard to get everything done in just a short time, even if you rent a car. If I had a long weekend to spend in Cairns, I would plan my activities beforehand to avoid missing anything important.

On arrival to the bustling city, I would rent a car immediately and then get myself checked in my hotel on the coast. I would probably reserve a beach hotel that was near Trinity Beach, since that’s close to the center of the city; I might pick the Blue Lagoon Resort, a 4 star hotel that’s a four minute walk from the beach. I’d spend my arrival night dinner at a nearby restaurant, such as the lovely Lime Tree Trinity Beach, and then head to bed and crash to prepare for the next day.

Waking up, I would spend a morning having breakfast at the nearby Blue Moon Grill, trying their terrific pancakes or perhaps salmon scrambled eggs. Then I would walk to Trinity Beach. This beach is a small one, but it has several snack shops and a rental shop, so after I had admired the lovely view and tasted the water, I would go rent a paddle board or windsurfer to have some fun in the big waves. Warming up on the sand or cooling down in the shade with a book would fill up my time, and if I felt like staying all day, I could break for lunch at a beach pub or restaurant and enjoy the lovely view. I would make sure to go up the rocky boardwalk and explore everywhere I could, maybe even walking all the way along the coast until I got tired. I would then get some transportation back to my hotel and head out for another lovely meal, perhaps Perotta’s at the Gallery, with a drink afterwards at Snake Gully or The Pier Tavern.

The next day, after a bite to eat at The Swiss Cafe, I would head to Atherton Tableland for some white water rafting during the warmest part of the day. Or perhaps I would take the time for a skydiving lesson at Tandem Skydiving, jumping off anywhere from 8,000 to 14,000 feet in the air. With my adrenaline pumping, I would chill at Chapter One coffee shop for a sandwich or two and coffee until I was able to breathe again. The evening would be spent exploring one of the great wildlife parks over on the north side of the city, having fun with the crocodiles, birds and kangaroos, and ending with a bite at the Barron River Hotel for a sunset view.

One more day in Queensland would give me a chance to go on a tour of the Great Reef Barrier, a 6-7 hour day with travel included, lunch on the tour and a chance to dive into the water from the boat. If that felt like too long of a day, I might spend it instead visiting the Waterfalls Circuit on the opposite side of the city, or taking a ride on the skyrail for one last thrill. Ending the weekend at the Red Ochre Grill for supper, with the flavors of Australian’s unique foods, and then taking a walk along The Marina for some people watching would put me in the best mood for concluding my trip.

Menorca’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Macarelleta Beach, Menorca

The tranquillity of the Menorcan beaches is something which attracts those more discerning tourists during the summer months. While Majorca and Ibiza, the larger and more popular of the Balearic Islands, are overrun during summer by visitors, Menorca manages to keep its beaches relatively unspoilt. By keeping the beaches from being cluttered by facilities and shops, this beautiful island manages to keep its beaches as very few are nowadays: as nature made them.

The beaches tend to be a mix of both clean white sands and rocky coves which add a unique character to these fascinating shores. The coves offer an intriguing chance for exploration: but parents must be warned that the waves can be vigorous around the coves and children must stay as safe as possible. There are a variety of great restaurants as well as traditional market stalls too, which present the most idyllic of locations to have a romantic meal or a quiet drink overlooking the islands’ natural beauty.

The beaches

First of all, Punta Prima is one of the more busy beaches in Menorca which offers the most to do: perhaps most recommended for the family. There is plenty to do for kids, with lots of water sports, and some bars line the coast for the parents. It has easy parking and the breeze means the beach rarely feels too hot but nice and fresh. Another beach which has been popularised with the presence of beach-side bars is Son Bou/San Jaime, just south of Alaior. The three large bars which line this, the longest beach in Menorca, are connected by a long wooden path and serve nice refreshing drinks to cool you down after a day in the sun.

A top tip to visit is the beautiful beach of Cala Turqueta. Menorca goes to great lengths to protect this beach, arguably their most cherished among the many beautiful locations. Entry and parking are restricted so the sand is kept peacefully quiet. It is extremely hot on Cala Turqueta as the breeze is at a minimum. There is nothing quite like the natural beauty of this beach and it almost makes you remember that beaches are in fact natural occurrences and not an invention by man! The coves are magnificent and the sea has rarely been clearer. A must see, so head over to Cheapflights.co.uk and get booking right away!

The coves

For a slightly more quirky day out in Menorca, the coves are a great alternative to the sun drenched beaches. Cales Coves has a short, rocky beach but it is the caverns, sinking deep into the gnarly walls of this bay that make it such an appealing spot for kids and adults.

An afternoon spent exploring the darkness followed by a snorkel in the rocky shores is an unforgettable way to spend the holidays. The site is also completely untouched with no facilities whatsoever. So the experience is one of real freedom that can rarely be achieved nowadays. This is the real epitome of the experience holiday makers can have on the island of Menorca: one which feels genuinely personal.


5 Wonderful Tourist Destinations in Asia

Taj Mahal at sunset - Celebrating 150 Thousand Views - Thanks!

Asia is a continent known for its rich and diverse cultures, warm people, and delectable cuisines.  If you are planning on an Asian vacation, here are some destinations that you may want to consider, each one promising to leave a lasting impression in your mind.

Beijing, China

A visit to Beijing would not be complete without seeing and climbing up the Great Wall of China, an imposing structure that is considered as one of the world’s great wonders. Likewise, the Forbidden City, Summer Place, and Temple of Heaven are amazing destinations that offer more than just their poetic-sounding names. After all, Beijing is a city where you can find great architecture.  Another great place to visit and relax when in Beijing is the Beihai Park (Beihai Gongyuan).

Shanghai, China

Everyone loves Chinese food, and there is no better way to enjoy your favorite dishes than to actually have them in Shanghai. The people of Shanghai are known for their boundless energy that is sure to infect visitors. The city offers great spots for a great night out including trendy clubs and bars where you can drink and dance the night away. Shanghai is also not wanting in tourist destinations.  The Garden of Contentment (Yu Yuan Garden, Bund (Wai Tan), and Shanghai Maglev are must-see attractions of the city.

Boracay, Philippines

At only 4.5 miles long, there are a lot of longer and bigger beaches that you can find in Asia, but perhaps not too many that are more spectacular and picturesque. This Pride of the Philippines is among the “happiest” places in the country. It is popular to tourists worldwide because of its stretch of beautiful beaches. The Puka Shell or Yapak beach is famous for the white beautiful shells that abound on its shores. For honeymooners, The Balighai Beach offers the perfect romantic setting. The White Beach, on the other hand, offers an amazing view of the sunset.  Summer is the season when Boracay is most lively.  There are all sorts of fun activities like street dancing, partying, drinking, and boat riding.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has a rich historical heritage; but aside from the historic sites, it also offers other attractions and activities.  For one, feeding and bathing an elephant in any of the numerous elephant camps provide a one of a kind experience. Visitors are also encouraged to try their delectable street food. In fact, some visitors have discovered that the city is a great place for taking cooking lessons.  Must-visit parks in Chiang Mai include That Doi Suthep, Wat Phra, Elephant Nature Park, and Wat Chedi Luang.

Goa, India

According to visitors, a trip to Goa can pose some problems simply because you will have a difficult time deciding on which among its many beautiful beaches to go to.  Seeing dolphins right on the offshore is common in some of the beaches. There are fine white sand beaches that provide a relaxing atmosphere, especially if you are in solitude. The Sinquerim beach offers a unique experience after midnight as you can enjoy the bright moonlight. Other highly recommended places to visit include the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Agonda Beach, and Old Goa.

NYC, London, Paris, and Rome: 4 Highly Recommended Cities to Visit


New York City (USA), London (UK), Paris (France), and Rome (Italy) are among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. These cities are all from highly developed countries, and you have to personally see them to discover for yourself why they are highly recommended and very popular among tourists.

The Empire State – New York City, NY, USA

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking about New York City is the Statue of Liberty. It is not surprising though, as the statue is the most popular landmark in the city. However, the Big Apple offers other popular places to see and experience including the Empire State Building, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, Staten Island Ferry, and Rockefeller Center.

The City of Smoke – London, the UK

The city of London offers the most number of tourist spots in Great Britain, the clock tower Big Ben being one of the most famous. Other very popular tourist attractions to see in London include the National Gallery, London Eye, and Tower of London; but there is a lot more to see in London than the landmarks the city is known for.

There are less popular, but equally noteworthy destinations in London that visitors, especially those who love art and history, are encouraged to see.  One of these is Tate Modern, the UK’s national museum of modern and contemporary art where you can find some of the most amazing works of world-famous artists. You can also experience great views of London from the restaurant located in the gallery. Other great places to see in London are the Science Museum, Royal Museum Greenwich, National History Museum, and Victoria and Albert Museum.

The City of Lights – Paris, France

Also popularly referred to as the City of Love, Paris is perhaps the world’s most romantic city, and debatably the most trendy and fashionable.  The Eiffel Tower is the most popular tourist destination in London. Other popular places to see and experience in the city include The Louvre, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Musee d’ Orsay, River Seine Boat Tour, Notre Dame Cathedral, Centre Georges Pompidou & the Beaubourg Neighborhood, Sacre Coeur & Montmartre, Arc de Triomphe, and Champs-Elysees.  In addition, London offers a lot more activities to do and less popular attractions that visitors can explore.

The Eternal City – Rome, Italy

One of the most amazing ancient cities in the world, Rome is famous for its grand churches, delicate works of art, and beautiful parks, gardens, villas, basilicas, temples, piazzas, and theatres. The most popular destinations include the Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Rome Coliseum, Vatican Museum, Villa Borghese, Sistine Chapel, Spanish Steps, Campo de’ Fiori Piazza, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trastevere, Roman Catacombs, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Pete’s Square. Villa Borghese, in particular, is fast gaining popularity among visitors in Rome.

There are other lesser known places to see in Rome. One just needs to have the patience to explore on foot. Likewise, visitors will surely enjoy sampling authentic Italian cooking.